Bullfighter jokes

Bullfighter jokes

Detractors and bull defenders agree on one thing: when a joke is good you have to laugh.

He was a bullfighter, so bad, so bad, so bad, that instead of tasks he did whores. (Agus)

A tourist goes to witness a bullfight and suddenly a fan shouts: 'Around the ring, around the ring!' And the tourist says: 'That, that, to see if now it's my turn in the shade.' (Amalia)

A bullfighter arrives after a job, all beaten up and the suit of lights all torn and bloody, his wife sees him very scared and asks the husband, what step did the old bull take from you? And the husband answers was the only thing that the unfortunate lacked

Says a bullfighter: - leave me alone, leave me alone.- but if you are only a teacher- and that bull is there?

This is a bullfighter who is going to go out into the ring and asks the assistant to give him the sword to enter the bull. This gives him the sword and says: - Zuerte, maeztro; - Thank you, says the torer; - Zuerte, maeztro; - I have already told you thank you;
- No! that zuerte maeztro, that takes me hooked!

A bullfighter gets married and on the wedding night he confesses to the bride: - Maria I have one less testicle.- Pepe, confession by confession, I'm not a virgin.- But Maria, mine was a "run". what do you think it was, from a stone

A bullfighter arrives at a hospital with a goring of don't wiggle and in the emergency room he meets a pregnant woman. As the bullfighter did not stop complaining, the woman snapped: - Do not complain man, that mine is much more painful and look, I do not flinch.- Yes, but mine is from a bullfight.- And mine from What do you think it was?

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