8 Most Innovative Disciplines to Balance Body / Spirit / Mind

8 Most Innovative Disciplines to Balance Body / Spirit / Mind

In this crazy world, we all seek wellness, the way to feel fit, relax and keep our body and mind balanced and in optimal condition.

Alternative therapies, healthy and / or Mediterranean food, alternative disciplines have been imposed ... I am going to talk about 9 of them that give excellent results, well-being and help in personal development, although later it depends on preferences and tastes of each person.


What is Biodanza? It helps to develop vitality, communication, provides a different vision of life, encourages affectivity, creativity, develops awareness and transcendence. It also helps us to better express our emotions and teaches us to develop personal, human and professional values.

What is Biodanza about? Through visualization, precise music, organic and natural movements are made, which allow us to reconnect with our inner being, our emotions and develop everything we have said previously. What we achieve with Biodanza is to develop another type of intracorporeal and interbody intelligence. The first allows us to take a look inside ourselves, to analyze ourselves, get to know ourselves better and regain internal balance; and another interbody look to understand reactions, feelings and analyze the other person to better communicate, empathize and collaborate.

How does biodanza regain this intelligence? It uses music and dance, as well as various techniques such as Mindfulness, NLP, coaching, Gestalt.


What is Yoga? It is a Meditation technique that teaches us to breathe, concentrate and relax. Through certain tension postures + concentration + breathing ... we manage to relax and abstract from reality. Yoga helps us face the reality of life. The benefits of Yoga apart from relaxation are a better posture of the body, greater flexibility. Yoga has its origin in a philosophical doctrine that seeks to have a better mental, spiritual and physical control of the individual with the Universe. It originated in India 3000 years ago, in the Indio Valley and the Saraswati Valley. 2000 years ago Patanjali passed on the sutras and the liberating and transformative power of their transformative potential began to spread. There are several types of Yoga and each creator has given it his name: Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yofa, Sapta Yoga The benefits of Yoga are : help us to be happier, more balanced, to control our mind, it gives us serenity to face our life, flexibility, absence of contractions due to the postural correction of our body


What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient martial art, turned into a therapeutic technique to restore balance and control of our mind / body / spirit. Its origin is religious, it originated in China with Taoism 2,500 years ago. Its objective is to find the way orof the Tao. Isreligious philosophy, was directly related to theChinese medicine, for its application with enChi or energy, and with theYin and yang (feminine and masculine energy). In modern Chinese philosophy, this martial art has become a table of 48.88 or 108 movements, in which breathing, concentration, visualization, bending of the knees, slow movements, arm movements ... They transport us to a state Optimal relaxation to restore balance to our mind and body.


What is Meditation? Meditation is a concentration and visualization technique in which the person tries to abstract himself in such a way that our mind goes blank and tries not to think about anything. Many religions use Meditation as a means to reach contact with God: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism ... How is Meditation done? Meditation aims to unblock the 7 chakras or energy points, clean them, align them and correctly restore the energy of our body. The way to do it is as follows: do the mental vacuum for 5 minutes,sitting in the shape of the Lotus flower or lying down. Imagine that a white or golden or salmon light enters through our crown or 7th chakra and is unlocking, cleaning and scanning our 7 chakras, using a technique that you will find in this linkChakra Therapy,until we achieve total peace, balance and serenity in our body / mind / spirit. Benefits of Meditation through continuous practice: achieve balance, peace, serenity, eliminate stress, anxiety, depression. It is scientifically proven to be beneficial for insomnia and fibromyalgia. Recommended reading to practice Meditation alone at home: andChakra Psychology. Meditation with Precious or Semi-precious Stones


What is Musicosophy? Musicosophy is a conscious awakening to wisdom, through music. Does not teach listen consciously music for man to evolve harmoniously and develop. Through concentration and repeated listening, through humming and the Melorhythmia (gestural expression with the arms), we manage to go inside ourselves, disconnect our mind, feel and relax. Despite its simplicity, impressive relaxing and peaceful results are achieved. This method was created by Romanian musicologist George Balan, who lives in Germany, in the Black Forest. He is director of the International School for the Art of Conscious Musical Listening.


What is Laughter Therapy? Laughter Therapy is the restoration of a positive and cheerful mood, using only group laughter therapy. Although it does not cure any disease directly, it is considered a preventive therapy, because it is proven that with laughter the endorphins rise and decay is avoided and therefore, many diseases are avoided. They must be group classes, because the laughter of some is contagious with that of the others and produces a positive chain effect. Its creator was an Indian doctor, the Dr. Mandan Kataria, who in 1995, created something called Laughter Yoga, which consists of mixing Yoga exercises with laughter obtaining spectacular results. It has been practiced in cancer hospitals, in orphanages in India, with children who had just lost their parents, with very positive results. In Spain it is given free of charge in Oncology, in Centers for the Elderly, in clinics and in Yoga and Alternative Therapies centers.


What is Music Therapy? It allows to connect the emotions with the body through music, to be able to express those emotions and regain well-being. It is a therapy that consists of listening and being creative with music, using musical instruments, to unblock and work on what stops the individual, so that they can freely express what they feel and develop in the broadest sense of their possibilities. It allows the person to transform and develop with this psychotherapeutic therapy.

Benefits of Music Therapy

It is mainly applied to children with problems of the type: autism, attention deficit, hyperactivity, communication or relational problems, traumatic blocks ... You can use musical instruments, listening to music, Yoga, Mindfulness ...


What is Mindfulness? Mindfulnees is a stress reduction technique, based on Mindfulness and Mindfulness. It is one of the most practiced therapies today with spectacular results and endorsed by Harward. Click the link to see all the information about it

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