Advances in urology

Advances in urology

New technique to cure incontinence.
A Spanish professor and surgeon has developed a new technique to cure incontinence through a system as simple as it is brilliant: the use of a new type of incontinence mesh that is adjustable after the intervention.

The TVA mesh (transvaginal adjustable) allows adjusting the tension given in the operating room, allowing the correction of defects and excesses. Jesús Romero has begun to be distributed first in Spain, Austria and Germany, countries in which the technique is already raising high expectations given its simplicity and the excellent results obtained in the cases in which it has been applied.

To date, the team of Dr. Jesús Romero has applied this technique in 112 patients with optimal results - healing or improvement in 95% of cases, which represents a very significant improvement in the percentage of healing compared to meshes traditional incontinence. Currently 20 Spanish hospitals are participating in a multicenter study to continue evaluating the mesh (TVA / TOA).

During the first clinical tests carried out at the Hospital San Juan de Alicante, of 62 patients treated with the TVA mesh, correction of some prolapse was added in 33 (53%). All the patients were discharged continent and without residue. Furthermore, in the review months later 58 of them were completely continent and the incontinence of the other 4 showed a notable improvement. Urinary urgency disappeared or improved in 32 of the patients who presented it preoperatively and appeared in 3 of those who did not present it.

Of the 40 patients who completed quality of life questionnaires, 34 (85%) had a QoL score greater than 95 out of 110. 30 (75%) had a score of less than 6 on the ICIQ-SF. 32 (80%) had a perception of normality and 4 (10%) of mild disease in the PGI-S. In PGI-I 29 (72.5%) were much better and 11 (27.5%) were much better. There is a direct relationship between urination urgency and loss of quality of life.

The company that markets and distributes the new adjustable TVA / TOA mesh is:
TO ME. (Agency for Medical Innovations), Im Letten 1, 6800 Feldkirch. Austria.
Tno 43 5522 90505 4022; Fax 43 5522 90505 4026

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