Metal Horse 2020

Metal Horse 2020

The Metal Horse This year 2020 will be a real challenge, that if they fight it, they can advance a lot in life and take good personal advantage. It will not always be easy, but with their dynamism and their strong and affable character, they will be able to prove their worth and their qualities. It will cost them a lot to face it, but it can turn out very well. Be tactful with people, because under the influence of the Fire element, you could be too impetuous. When the year 2020 is over they will be amazed at how much they have had to move forward, change, work and face.

In love

If they are single or single, things change radically, because they are going to fall in love and start living a romantic story, which is going to make them very happy.

Home and Family

There will be a lot of movement and a lot of desire to make improvements at home. They will also do activities together and this will bring them together a lot.

They will have so many plans and changes in sight, that it would be important that they talk about it and do it by mutual agreement.


They should be cautious and diplomatic, because they could run into obstacles or small problems caused by someone's envy or jealousy.


It will be a good year for the formation and for study. They will be eager to learn new things. New electronic and computer gadgets will be purchased. They could improve their IT training.


At work going to experience a dizzying pace. They will have a lot of work, changes to which they will have to adapt, a lot of group work, but a good opportunity will arise for you, within the same company.

Some might open a family business and quit their job to go work with them. Those who are looking for work, will have to be open to any sector, since it will come to them in the way or means that they least expect it.

The relationship they have at work with your colleagues, it will be crucial to your career development. Collaboration, exchange of ideas, mutual help, kindness will favor them and they will earn a good reputation, which in the long run will be useful for their career.


They will do very well and they will have a higher salary, but be careful with expenses, since they can skyrocket and they will misalign their forecasts.

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