Hachiko: The Story of the Most Faithful Dog

Hachiko: The Story of the Most Faithful Dog

Hachiko, the dog who always waited for his owner

Most of us who adore dogs know the moving story of Hachiko, also known as Hachi, and we can't help but shed a tear over this sad story. If you don't know the story yet, you need to know it.

Hachikō (Odate, November 10, 1923 - Tokyo, March 8, 1935) He was a Japanese Akita breed dog, remembered for his loyalty to his master, Professor Hidesaburō Ueno, even several years after he passed away East.

Hachiko: Her Story

In early 1924, Hachiko was found by Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor at the Department of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo. At first she didn't want to keep it, but her teenage daughter insisted and eventually agreed. Later, the professor's daughter left the parental home when she got pregnant and upon getting married, and the professor thought of giving Hachi away, but soon took a liking to the dog, who adored him with all her soul.

The dog accompanied the teacher to the station every day to say goodbye when his owner left for work, and at the end of the day I would return to the station to receive him gladly. That routine became part of both of their lives, and all the locals were aware of this peculiar and adorable custom that the dog had.

On May 21, 1925, Professor Ueno suffered a brain hemorrhage while teaching at the University of Tokyo, and died. That afternoon Hachikō ran to the station to wait for the arrival of his owner's train as usual, when he did not arrive, he waited for him and he did not return home that night. Since that day, he stayed to live in the same place in front of the station for the next 9 years of their life…

Hachikō began to attract the attention of locals and strangers at the station, and people fed and cared for him so that the poor man could survive, always in the same place, waiting for his owner to return. This behavior of fidelity and love towards its owner Professor Ueno made him earn the nickname "The faithful dog."

In April 1934, a bronze statue was erected in his honor at Shibuya station, and himself Hachikō was present when it opened.

On March 9, 1935, Hachikō was found dead. in front of Shibuya station in Japan. He waited 9 long years for the teacher to return, always waiting, never lost hope ...

When a necropsy was performed (to perform his taxidermy) on his stomach, four wands used for yakitori (chicken skewers or skewers) were found, but these wands had not damaged the stomach lining, and were not the cause of death. . The causes of Hachikō's death were considered unknown, until in March 2011 they were finally determined:Hachi had suffered terminal cancer and filariasis (worm infection) of the heart.

Today his story is a symbol of loyalty and fidelity, a story that is never forgotten and moves millions of people. Even was brought to the big screen twice: The 1987 movie "Hachikō Monogatari" (Japanese film) and in 2009, with the American remake of this film, entitled "Hachi: A Dog’s Tale" (Always at your side Hachiko).

Hachiko's story has made half the world cry, and no wonder ...

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