Coaching, according to the definition given by the University of Navarra, "is an increasingly fashionable term in the business world that defines the technique that helps managers or any professional to go from where they are to where they want to go. To do this, the coach or trainer guides and stimulates his student so that learn how to do it yourself".

These techniques, supported by external consultants, have progressively been configured. Today these techniques have enthusiastic advocates and strong detractors.

Coaching has recent origins. Less than a decade ago, some scholars began to give it a conceptual and integral shape from Ken Blanchard's theories about the experience of one of the most famous World Cup coaches: Don Shula (coach of the Miami Dolphins American football league team) Don Shula has been one of the top representatives of coaching in the United States, leading his team to the finals for five major league seasons.

Today it is a system that tries to include concepts, structures, processes, work tools and measuring instruments and groups of people; It would also bring a leadership style, a particular way of selecting people or creating teams of developing people.

A key figure in coaching is "the coach"That is, the leader who has the responsibility of planning the personal and professional development of each person on the team and his own.

Some North American universities have begun to offer courses and certificates on coaching but related to sports. See for example: University of Minnesota; Currently it is a more familiar environment for consultants, advisors and consulting firms.

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