Decoration in Spring

Decoration in Spring

How to decorate your home in the spring?The arrival of spring supposes a ideal time to make changes to the decoration to reflect the changes outside. Spring is the season of awakening. Plants grow back, trees regain their color, birds sing again, temperatures rise, days are clearer and longer… Here are some tips to give the house a spring air, which will surely make your home shine with joy and color:

Fabrics and colors

It's time to introduce finer fabrics with lighter shades or floral motifs. Replace thick curtains with lighter blinds and cover the sofa or armchairs with cheerful covers. Remove thick blankets from beds and replace with quilts or lighter quilts with cheerful prints in light shades. Use cushion bottoms made of also finer fabric and with a spring air. And use light-colored tablecloths and napkins like white, yellow, cream, flowery ...

Change the placement of furniture

While During the winter, the chairs should be close to a source of heat - chimney, radiator, stove…. - in the spring it is preferable that they point towards a window so that we can enjoy the colors of nature from the comfort of our living room.

If the living room has a fireplace, now is the time to clean it thoroughly, lower the logs to the basement or take them out to the garden and put a vase with wild flowers or dried flowers

Remove the rugs, or replace them with less heavy ones made of cotton or sisal, finer and lighter in color.

Place plants and vases with flowers throughout the house

They do not have to be flowers from a florist, as this is the best season for pick flowers from the field and make a homemade bouquet that turns out to be a real feast of colors. It's a good time to buy pots with aromatic herbs and place them in the kitchen. In addition to being very useful when cooking, they will fill the kitchen with aromatic smells.

Thoroughly clean the terrace, porch and garden

Clean and take out the terrace or garden furniture - even if they are rarely used in early spring, brighten the atmosphere.

Check home accessories

Thoroughly clean the shelves, and Replace winter candles and flower arrangements with lighter colored candles and fresh flowers. Change the objects of place, giving priority to the lightest decorations and accessories to obtain an air of freshness and clarity. Clear cluttered areas, and store unnecessary objects to give the feeling of larger and cleaner spaces.

Clean the windows and doors with a cloth and detergent and touch up the paint on the wood. Do the same with the bars of the balconies or the garden. Decorate the entrance with large vases of flowers or bouquets of eucalyptus.

Don't wait any longer and give your home a spring touch, it will brighten up your stay and that of your guests!

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