How to make a decorative paper Christmas tree

How to make a decorative paper Christmas tree

Decorative ornament in the shape of a Christmas tree

This is a very simple Christmas ornament to make that can be used for a lot of Christmas crafts.

You can use them to make a nice garland or ornaments for the tree, make a homemade card to give away, use it as a card to wrap gifts….

Materials needed to make the paper Christmas tree:

  • Sheets
  • pencil
  • Scissors
  • A compass or some object that helps you draw a circular shape, a bowl, a saucer, a lid of a jar ...
  • Colored markers
  • Fine thread or ribbon
  • Glue stick or cold silicone glue
  • Little stars (paper, eva rubber, plastic ...)

How to make a tree-shaped Christmas ornament step by step

The paper Christmas tree is made from a semicircle and the instructions are very easy, you can follow the step by step in the video that we have prepared.

You will tell me how they have been….

Happy day (= ^. ^ =)

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Video: How to Make an EASY 3D Paper Christmas Tree - XMAS DECORATION (January 2022).