Best movie ending phrases

Best movie ending phrases

Most of the best cinema films end with an epic phrase, and many times that phrase remains in our memory and becomes the most key part of the entire production script. Who conceives Casablanca without the phrase "Louis, I think it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"? Or "Gone With the Wind" without the famous "After all, tomorrow is another day"?

Without a doubt, the last movie phrases can define the entire script and that is why we share these latest movie quotes today.

Louise: "I'm not going to give up."
Thelma (urging): “Okay, let's not let them stop us” (Thelma and Louise)
Louise: "What do you mean?"
Thelma: "Let's move on"
Louise: "What do you mean?"
Thelma: "Start up"
Louise: "Sure?"
Thelma: "Yes."

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