Meaning of name Casto

Meaning of name Casto

Chaste, male name of Latin origin "Castus", its meaning is"He who is chaste, pure, immaculate and loyal"

History and the Saint

Saint Chaste, bishop and martyr. Chaste along with San Emilio, San Marcelo and San Saturnino, he faces martyrdom and death, maintaining his fidelity to Christ in the early days of Christianity.
His saint is celebrated on July 1.

Others San Casto: San Casto, martyr is celebrated on May 22; September 4 and October 6.

Casto variant:

Chaste in other languages, Catalan: Cast

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Casto:

  • AlfonsoII the chaste, was the first king of the Catalan-Aragonese confederation called Corana de Arag√≥n in the year 1162.
  • Alfonso elCasto, King of Asturias in 791.
  • Casto Sendra Barrufet, He was born in Tarragona in 1928. Renowned popular humorist known by his pseudonym Cassen.
  • Casto Sendra, a popular Spanish humorist, whose stage name was Cassen.

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