Homemade anti-excess mask

Homemade anti-excess mask

This Sunday, taking advantage of the fact that I had nothing more to do than rest and be alone, I decided to prepare a homemade mask to remove impurities from the skin and leave it soft and clean.

I am lucky to have a mother who buys anything related to aesthetics that she finds useful and I complement it, compulsively buying products for my face. (My latest purchase was a Kiehl’s gel, toner, moisturizer, and concealer cream, things I cannot live without today.)

The point is, I found a pot of powdered clay and got to work.


- Clay powder
- Make-up remover
- Tonic for the face
- Face cleansing gel
- Moisturizing face cream


Each time I prepare this mask, I do it differently, depending on the products I have. This time I did it very simply.

Add to a tablespoon of powdered clay, half a teaspoon of soap for the face and toner, (sometimes I add a little Aloe vera, it depends on your skin).

Mix until it takes an optimal texture (not excessively liquid)

Apply. You must have previously removed make-up and cleaned your face with soap.


Leave until the mask is completely dry on the skin and remove with wet wipes. Moisturize the face at the end of the process.

I hope it is useful to you.


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