4 horrible situations in which you will look fantastic

4 horrible situations in which you will look fantastic

Common cold
Have you ever gone to bed with a mild sore throat and woke up as if your head had been used as a drum and with a redder nose than Rudolph?
To combat redness, you should use a green concealer to neutralize the skin tone. A little foundation on top and there will be no trace of a clown nose.

Against stress
If stress is visible on your face (redness of the skin, hives, dryness or acne) since we have solved the issue of redness, we will focus on the other.
The trick: cleanse your facial skin very often. Since I discovered Micellar Water (there are many brands and different prices), my life is different. I can always keep my skin clean and fresh with a simple cotton swab soaked in the product.
For acne, there are specialized cosmetic treatments, but if you think it is a real problem, you should go to the doctor

Hangover day
After a night full of lust, partying and excesses, your face and your dark circles give you away. Deleting this is very easy: BLINDERS. One that covers very well (I use the Mac and I am delighted). If you add a little makeup base and a few more hours of sleep…. You will look amazing!

Time of allergies
Allergic reactions appear in different ways: redness, rashes, spots ...
To erase these signs, you must first unify the skin and prepare it to later paint it.
The first step would be to use a product that unifies the tone of your skin (follow previous advice), to later apply a good makeup base, and finally, use powders (especially on cheeks, forehead and nose) to avoid the hateful shine .

What are your remedies to fix bad days?