Free vacation

Free vacation

The blog Vagabondish It claims to be a travel blog for “homeless”, and in a recent post it recommends 8 useful tools for people who want to travel forever and find free accommodations as a way to extend their trips without incurring rental or hotel expenses.

These are the resources recommended by Vagabondish for people who want to embark on an almost endless journey ……

Caretaker’s Gazette, A service that costs about US $ 30 and offers access to a database of people looking for a landlord (or landlady) in exchange for free accommodation. There is a wide range of possibilities in Europe, Australia, the USA and Asia that go far beyond the traditional home, from farm helpers in the USA, workers on organic farms, campsites, motels or simply housesitting which translates as kangaroo of houses.

Woofing, International organization of farms, nurseries, ranches and businesses in more than 70 countries to which they are united by a fact - they are all ecological. They offer free accommodation, food and sometimes training in exchange for a few hours of work from their tenants. Typical jobs include garden and farm work, cooking, teaching, and babysitting.

House Carers, One way to take a free vacation is to take care of someone else's home. This has become a common way of life for an increasing number of people, especially independent professionals with the ability to take their work with them. There are offers for people willing to take care of houses (and gardens) for a few days, weeks or months in many countries. There are two types of subscription: the limited one that is free or the advanced one that costs US $ 45 per year.

Organic Volunteers, Service very similar to WOOF for organic volunteers, although it is not limited to organic farms and nurseries. The annual subscription costs US $ 20.

Couch Surfing, A network of sofa surfers, of people willing to welcome travelers without charging them, and to travel on a low budget and also be welcomed by other members of the network. The organization prioritizes the safety of its members and claims to accept only high quality members.

Global Freeloaders, Similar to Coach Surfing, although in this case it is free but members have to offer their home as a possible destination for others during the first six months after registering.

Servas, Non-profit organization with 50 years of experience that promotes cultural exchanges and is recognized by the United Nations. It is a network to connect people, travelers and volunteers from different countries and promote peace and cooperation through various aid and development projects. Hosts offer their house and food for two nights to travelers who contact them. All travelers who are members of the network must undergo a very thorough selection process (including a personal interview) before becoming a member. Once admitted, they have access to the hosts willing to accommodate travelers at their scheduled destination and the travelers themselves contact them directly. His motto is “We are all friends. We just haven't met yet. "

Hospitality Club, Similar to Servas, but without the important guarantees offered by the former.

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