Meaning of Grace Name

Meaning of Grace Name

Grace female name of Latin origin "gratia" what does it mean "The one with beauty"or"The one who is grateful"

Grace in Hebrew "hen"represents in the Christian Church the favor bestowed by God on redeemed and sanctified people. In the holy scriptures Grace in Greek"charis"is linked exclusively to the image of Christ and his atoning death as an unlimited favor of God.

History and the Saint

Virgin of Grace, is a marian invocation spread especially in the area of ​​the Spanish Levant, its origin responds to an expression of the archangel Saint Gabriel on the day of the Annunciation of Maria "Hail Mary, you are full of graces"It became especially devout throughout Europe towards the end of the fourteenth century. The image of Mary is represented by her son Jesus and wearing a cloak.

It is commemorated on March 25.

Within Greek mythology, The Grace were three goddesses who represented joy, charm and beauty; daughters of Zeus and the nymph Eurínome, they were called Hágale, Eufrósoney Talía.

Other Holy Grace: SantaGracia, martyr is celebrated on June 23; Santa Gracia de Alcira, virgin and martyr on July 23 and Santa Gracia de Cattaro, religious on November 28.

Variant of Grace

Grace variant Graciela, Grazia; Gentilicio de Gracia: Gratian.

Grace in other languages:

  • Catalan: Grace.
  • French: Grace.
  • English: Grace.
  • Italian: Graziao Graziella.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Grace

  • Thanksgiving Day, It is an official holiday that is celebrated in the United States and Canada. Starting from the Feast of the Harvest, after the first harvest of the pilgrims who arrived in Massachusetts during the year 1621, a day of thanksgiving was proclaimed and prayer that its celebration is currently official for the fourth Thursday of November.
  • Grace Patricia Kelly, was born in Philadelphia, USA in 1929; She worked as an actress from her debut on Broadway in 1949 until she became the Princess of Monaco upon marrying Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956.
  • Grazia Deledda, was born in Nuoro, Sardinia in 1871, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1926, an outstanding novelist of the naturalist movement.
  • Graciela Borges, was born in Buenos Aires in 1936, an outstanding actress with foreign recognition who represented the Argentine bourgeoisie on many personal occasions. Among his interpretations we highlight: "The girl from monday"FROM 1967;"The clerk"from 1968, among many others.

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