Tools for a nanotechnology workshop

Tools for a nanotechnology workshop

05/30: New tools for a nanotechnology workshop

Until recently, nanoscale devices could only be worked through chemical reactions or by snapping components together on a smooth surface. Researchers at the Danish University of Technology have developed practical tools that allow precise manipulation and assembly of complex three-dimensional nanomachines.

Techniques employing modern scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and scanning probe microscopes are frequently used to weld or snap-join nanoscale structures onto a smooth surface, but the potential for scaling nanomachines to the third dimension has been vast. more difficult.

Complex three-dimensional structures have been successfully assembled in solution, coating each component with a chemically active substance that encourages its bonding with the proper pair. However, this technique is not ideal, as the addition of extra chemicals can change the electrical or mechanical properties of the structure. In many cases, it would be preferable to build a new machine by taking the components and placing them one by one, exactly in the desired order. The Department of Micro and Nanotechnology at the Danish University of Technology has been dedicated to refining this technology, designing several new tools at the nanoscale. Scientists have also modeled its mechanical properties and shown that the tools work.


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