Irritability in menopause

Irritability in menopause

Mood swings at menopause

Be on the defensive, angry, plusintolerantandsensitive,with low self-esteem, more vulnerable, withaggressiveness, stress, anxiety and impatience it is quite common in some women going through menopause.

During this stage of a woman's life, not only physical changes occur, hormonal changes also influence thewomen's mental health and we will tell you how you can reduce them.

How to decrease irritability in menopause

Things that help reduce irritability episodes apart from following psychological treatment are:

  • Identify the causes/ irritability triggers to correct or avoid them in time.
  • Reduce stressors the maximum possible.
  • Sleep the hours necessary for the body to rest is important for the person to be in a good mood.
  • Physical exercise.During physical exercise, endorphins are produced, which help reduce the appearance of depression and irritability, and also promote weight loss.

  • Adequate food.A balanced diet reduces symptoms such as hot flashes, excessive sweating, and depression, factors that often trigger the onset of irritability. Eating a healthy diet also helps to reduce weight, which along with physical activity, improves a woman's self-esteem.
  • Relaxation techniques. Doing activities such as meditation, yoga or tai chi, reading a book or doing new activities such as going to music or dance classes can help you achieve greater relaxation, and therefore reduce anxiety.

Why are you more irritable in menopause?

The main cause of the appearance of irritability at this stage is the reduced hormone levels It produces many psychological and physical changes.

There are also other associated factors that can influence the mood of women during menopause such as:

  • History of previous episodes of mood swings (depression, anxiety, aggressiveness)
  • Poor perception of menopause and aging
  • Unhappiness in personal-social life before this stage
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Smoking

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