Jokes to brighten the day

Jokes to brighten the day

If what you are looking for is encourage A little the atmosphere, cheer up the people you are with, I give you a good option to do it, share these jokes with them to liven up the day and you will see how they smile.


  • A man tells a friend: -My wife is on a diet for three weeks. -Really? How much have you lost so far? -Two weeks.
  • He was such a lazy man that when he died his friends put the following inscription on his grave: "Here he continues to rest ..."
  • Knock, knock -Who is it? -It's me. -He opened the door, and indeed it was him.
  • The wife asks her husband: -Did you notice, darling? I bought a new toilet brush. -Yes, the man answers, but I still like the role more.
  • A drunk man is riding his motorcycle and collides with a traffic sign. Then the policeman arrives and asks him: - Sir, didn't you see the arrow? And the drunk responds: - Not even the Indian who threw it at me.
  • Tired of waiting at the end of the line to enter Noah's Ark, a flea leaps from animal to animal to come forward. Finally he lands on the back of an elephant. -I knew it! -said the pachyderm, irritated, to his partner -. They've started pushing!
  • Due to the current economic recession, to save energy costs the light will be turned off at the end of the tunnel. Signed: God
  • Nowadays it is so rare that they give food on airplanes that I was surprised to hear the flight attendant ask the man who was sitting in front of me: "Would you like dinner?" -What options are there? he replied. "Yes or no," she said.
  • In the driving school: -What does a triangle mean with the drawing of two children running with the wallet? - That they leave the school - the student answers. It could also be that they entered the school, right? -No, because the children are running.

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